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APE 2013 has come and gone!

This is the home show for me, after a year of dragging my butt around the country is was a pleasure to hangout and be surrounded by my stupidly talented friends! Jose and I have been tabling together at APE for 5 years now, I don’t think we’ll ever stop as long as APE keeps going. 

I received an incredible bounty of art from folks I am proud to call friends and colleagues, you really should check them out! See below:

Super Friends Grim Wilkins and Jenna Trost!

Beast Lord and bestie Brynn Metheney

Beast lord of the west and whale evolution expert Tiffany Turrill!

Concept art slayers Dawn Carlos, John Brassell and Lake Hurwitz!

Storyboard and comic wiz Vincent Lee

Colorblind Ink savant, Lord Chris Koehler

Doctor Mew! Jenny Parks!

There are so many more that I’m forgetting because I’m a jerk, I will update as I’m reminded.

APE 2014 is already set at a new/old location, The Fort Mason Festival Pavillion! Better start getting ready! 

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